As posted on our Social Media Channels we had to make a hard  decision to cancel all of Tour 19 classes through April 3. The health  and well-being of our members is of utmost importance to us. 

In order to comply beyond a shadow of a doubt with the order to  close “gyms and fitness centers”, we have decided to cancel these last 2  weeks of boot camp.

Although we are an outdoor group, we are still ordered to keep 6 ft  away from each other, which in all likelihood won’t happen 100% of the  time. 

Our desire is to keep everyone healthy and safe. Going Strong 805  please stay strong. We would love to see all of you continue to embrace  your fitness and therefore

- We encourage you all to get outdoors with family or a couple of friends and keep 6ft apart. 

- Go for a run or hike.We will provide something for you daily so you can continue to keep your body strong.

- We will be creating workouts for you to continue your fitness  journey. You will be able to access them through a link provided on our  website (we will let you know when the link is ready to be viewed). You  will be able to get your workout in either outdoors or indoors! 

Remember, our Journey isn't stopping, its just being modified.

Thank you for your support and understanding 

Going Strong 805