FEB 18 - MAR 29

This is a 6 week Tour.

New members - Unlimited $150, plus find out how you can earn your next Tour FREE!

Returning Graduate members - Unlimited $135.

Plus $25 discount for Perfect Attendance!

Returning Graduate Flex members - $108

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Just Shred It!

We are taking on the 2019 Challenge to - Just Shred it! 

  • Build and shred those muscles
  • Burn and shed the fat
  • Tear up the ground with our focused running/walking workouts
  • And help you reach your goals!


Your Journey starts with the first step!

Then you keep putting one foot in front of the other - again and again - and if you do it alongside this amazing, motivating and uplifting group of people, you will find that the journey is as exciting and satisfying as reaching your goal!

Whatever your starting point, there is a place for YOU! 


We don't just want you to sign up. We want you to show up - daily!

We are not like a traditional gym, where you pay a membership and decide when to go. 

Your attendance is very important to us, since we know that you will only have success in this program if you show up!

We offer three class times per day Monday through Friday.  Feel free to settle in at one of those times, or jump around and meet all our amazing members. You are welcome to attend all 3 if you like!

At any given class time, you will be hosted by either one , two, or all three of our Coaches to bring you a jam-packed, sweat-filled workout!

Our Class Times


5:30 am

6:30 am 

6:00 pm 


We love to join the Team Evolve Running Club for runs/walks of all distances. Whether you need to make up credits, are training for a 5K all the way up to a marathon, or just want a fun hour with friends, the Saturday Rise and Run times will not disappoint!