Having been involved in sports and fitness in some way for most of my life, I was naturally excited about starting Going Strong 805, and to create a unique and synergistic exercise program for adults of ALL ages.

Although basketball was my passion all through school, it wasn't until the mid 1980s that I discovered bodybuilding, but more specifically, strength training and its numerous benefits. I remember joining the local gym, buying all the books and magazines I could get my hands on, and following the greats, like Arnold, Corey, and Rachel through their careers. At a time when aerobics was the talk of the town, I found it fascinating to be able to achieve similar, if not, greater benefits using dumbbells and my bodyweight. I can recall how quickly my body took shape, yet the scale showed a very small weight difference. I witnessed firsthand the power of resistance training, and I believe no program is complete without including a strength building aspect.

The motivation to embark on this new Journey was born out of a desire to continue on the fitness path I had started and grown to love alongside the great friends I have made through 805 Boot Camp, which sadly closed its doors in June 2017.

Fitness is about much more than the activity itself. 

It's about much more than working out and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. It's about doing these things together. It's about the deep and lifelong friendships that develop as you work on similar goals and encourage each other. It's about serving others and making them more important than yourself. 

This is what my desire is with  Going Strong 805 - to have a welcoming program, where the people are involved in each others' lives, where we build each other up, and treasure every day that we are given. As our Family grows, my hope is that we can build on this solid foundation  through each season of our lives, and keep Going Strong - together!

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America

Certified Adult HEARTSAVER FIRST AID/CPR/AED - American Heart Association


Diane Treptow, NASM-AFAA CGFT

Faced with a high blood pressure and pre-diabetes diagnosis, Diane decided to take control of her health. She began keeping a food journal and walking. Walking led to joining a gym, which led to outdoor fitness and eventually a 50 pound weight loss. Never having run a mile in her life, she caught the running bug, and has completed numerous street and trail races. She made many new friends and found that helping others in their fitness journey fills her heart with joy. "Strength is independence."

Certified Group Fitness Instructor -

National Academy of Sports Medicine and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America

Certified Adult/Pediatric FIRST AID/CPR/AED - American Red Cross



Leah developed her deep roots and passion for fitness at the young age of 6 when she first started her journey as a runner through her youth Track & Field and Cross Country Team.  

She continued running and playing sports throughout her school years, being trained by some of the best, including Olympic Medalist Athletes and Coaches.      

After College, Leah became a coach at her hometown youth track club, STORM as a way to give back to a sport that has played such an important role in her life journey. 

She completed her first marathon in June of 2008 at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, and has continued to compete in Marathons and Half Marathons across the country to this day. 

Although running is her passion, she understands that strength training and conditioning go hand and hand with running. 

In 2013 Leah stepped up in her Fitness Career as an instructor at 805 Bootcamp.  Her love for assisting others on their journey has only grown over the years, and in 2017, she took a leap of faith, creating Simi Evolve Fitness and the Team Evolve Running Club. Currently instructing at Going Strong 805, whose members regularly attend Team Evolve group runs, Leah finds such satisfaction in sharing her passion, and instilling the same in all who participate. She is committed to helping others fall in love with running and fitness, pushing for the best possible performance, no matter what level.

Certified Adult/Pediatric FIRST AID/CPR/AED


Tina Eisman - CPT, First Aid,

Growing up in an active family, nature and sports were always a part of life. I grew up playing many sports such as softball, volleyball and swim team.  I have a passion for the outdoors and the amazing earth we have to explore.  I love being on the trails, whether it’s running, biking or hiking, it’s my happy place.  As a young mom I found myself naturally encouraging others to be active.  This is what led me to pursue the fitness world and the start of my instructing career. I have been teaching group exercise classes such as Cycle, TRX and Bootcamp since 2013.  I have a passion for people and their health.  I feel it is a privilege to come alongside others and see them get healthy and stay healthy. 

Certified Group Fitness Instructor -Aerobic and Fitness association of America 

TRX Suspension trainer Certified Instructor 

G.E.A.R.: indoor Cycling Certified Instructor 

Certified Adult/Pediatric FIRST AID/CPR/AED-American Heart Association